AI Web 1

12 September 2019
by th3-3inst3in

AI Web 1


AI Web 1 Vulnhub

After configuring the AI Web vm and getting its ip through netdocover. I quicky ran a nmap scan and saw that only port 80 was open. This shows that the challenge was purely web based.

I then ran a directory bruteforcer and found robots.txt


So now we have 2 more directories I further tried bruteforcing them and found a phpinfo file under

That was all I could find in the m3diNf0 directory. Now moving on to the other directory.

Navigating to

You see that there is a form that displays the usenames by taking in user id

view users

I intercepted the HTTP post request and tried looking for a sqli and turns out that it was vulnerable.

I copied the HTTP POST request from burp interceptor proxy and then quickly started sqlmap.

post req

and following is what I found

Database: aiweb1                                                                                                              
Table: systemUser                                                                                                             
[3 entries]                                                                                                                   
| password                                     | userName  |                                                                  
| RmFrZVVzZXJQYXNzdzByZA==                     | t00r      |                                                                  
| TjB0VGhpczBuZUFsczA=                         | u3er      |                                                                  
| TXlFdmlsUGFzc19mOTA4c2RhZjlfc2FkZmFzZjBzYQ== | aiweb1pwn |                                                                  

The passwords are base64 encoded.

I did not find anything further on the web page or in the directories so I thought to try to write a shell in one of the directoires of the website using sqli.

So the quickest and easiest option was sqlmap

sqlmap -r req.txt -p uid --os-shell

It then asks you to choose a directory of where you will upload the shell for this we need the complete path from home of the web root. This is where it gets fun, remember that little phpinfo file we found earlier ? yup that comes in to play now

phpinfo path

just copy paste that path and you will have your self a nice little shell

from sql to shell

Now I like to work in the command line to elavate my privileges and besides a tty shell comes with many advantages. So I got a reverse shell and started searching around.

I first started listing files owned by the current web user and to my luck I found that /etc/passwd was owned by the current user.

ls -la /etc/passwd
-rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data 1655 Sep 10 20:10 /etc/passwd

Now we can edit /etc/passwd from our web user

following is the change I made


As you might remember the password for the user aiweb1pwn was found from the sql injection decoding the base64 password and logging in with that user will give us a root shell

from sql to shell

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